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Expectations for the Salone del Mobile Milan 2022

After cancellations, postponements, and remodeling during the critical phase of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Salone del Mobile in Milan is back in its top shape for 2022. A unique moment that will certainly bring unique proposals and inspirations. All this demand that was held back during the pandemic will certainly bring many people to the event, who cannot wait to “be together” again and above all, are eager to see what the most prominent minds of furniture design, art, and related areas will bring after all this experience that the last two years have given to society in general. There is a lot of expectation concerning the collaborations (collabs) which took shape in the most diverse segments since the co-creation of products and collections by multiple brands is trending more than ever. It is as if the isolation imposed by the pandemic had a reverse effect on this return to the activities, making everyone want to be together also in collaborative work, through the association of styles, products, and philosophies. This mix between brand DNAs, which has already taken place strongly in the fashion universe, tends to arrive in full force in the furniture field.

Taking as a reference everything that has been appearing in the latest architecture and interior design exhibitions in Brazil such as Casa Cor, for example, and international events such as KBIS in the USA, the appreciation of the elements of the nature is also strongly expected, associated with organic characteristics, and probably well accompanied by the color green. Very driven by all the biophilic appeal, that the pandemic brought to indoor environments, green has gained space with plants, fibers, wood, and, of course, natural stones applied in spaces from the most minimalist to the most exquisite ones. Apparently, after so many “the color green is coming back”, it really is here to stay. Looking more closely at the shows in 2021 and in what we have seen in fashion in 2022, we believe that we can expect a lot of appreciation for what can be seen as imperfect, not symmetrical, or even worn out.

Manifests that involve the consumer society and stimulate a new way of consuming, based on the sustainability of relationships, have changed the consumer’s view to value not only the “new for the new” but to sharpen the choice considering the purpose of the brand, the message which it hopes to convey, its ideals and its tangible actions in building a better tomorrow.

And what can we expect of Granos’ participation?

1) Naturalness

Yes, nothing but 100% natural. Contrary to synthetic copies, our participation will use natural stones from Ceará and all the exuberance of their unique and exclusive movements. “Being/living natural” is something that invaded our lives during/after the pandemic, from the clothing industry, through our lifestyle and reaching our homes and corporate environments, with this, Granos’ natural stones are highlighted for their natural beauty, durable and abundant in technical quality (wear and tear resistance, low percentage of staining and non-reactive to acids like the ones present in some foods). The naturalness of the finishes is another point that might be very present at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2022, textures that refer to the stone in its natural state, bringing in addition to beauty a strong and clear sense of perception, it will be a great differential following a trend already seen in the market and that should consolidate in this edition of the Salon del Mobile.

2) Environmentally, socially, and economically Sustainable Products

The products that we will take to the Salon del Mobile 2022 in Milan do not introduce a new product on our planet and have a durability that allows them to not “need to be changed” (unless it is really something that the user wants to do) that do not use firing in their process, generating harmful gases to the atmosphere, products whose production process in the industry reuses 97% of the water in the production cycle and whose waste (only stone dust) is reused within the ceramic industry’s own production chain. Generating jobs and supporting education through social projects, we will take to Milan stones that support the economy of one of the poorest regions of Brazil, the northeastern scrubland.

3) Exclusivity

In addition to our latest release, Alamo Navona, Perla Santana quartzite will also be present in the pieces presented. Both are Granos’ exclusive natural stones, with textures that brighten and add value and glocality to the design, due to the valorization of the product and Brazilian design inspired by Brazil and made in Brazil.

4) A new step toward a purposeful collab

For the second year, Granos will be with Pedro Franco and ALotOf Brasil at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. In the previous edition, the Rendas Collection highlighted pieces such as the Mesa Noveau (Noveau Table), in Perla Santana with applications of Brazilian laces. For this year, within a partnership full of affinity between the brands, we take a new step in the philosophical work that we started at Expo Revestir 2022, exploring the Perfect Imperfection. We will take to Milan pieces that express, in a poetic way, our belief in the incomparable beauty that comes from the natural imperfection. Follow our special coverage on the Salone del Mobile Milan 2022 through our social media. Check out our Instagram and Facebook.